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Serena- Thanks for the flower.... by Pikafan09
Serena- Thanks for the flower....
I drew this today, is becuase I felt like drawing a scene from my fanfic.

  This scene is from my fanfic. This fanfic scene is about when Bonnie was blushing, laying on Serena's lap as she has the white flower that Bonnie had gave her to put on her hat. Serena rubbed softly on Bonnie's back as an appreciation.

  Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
OK. Got done with Serena(Anime)XBonnie fanfiction! Now, I'm going back to play part 3 of Pokemon ORAS Demo!
   Somewhere, in the leaf-like forest in the Kalos region....

 Bonnie was pulling the leaves through as she walks foward... "Dedenne... I guess we are not going to make it to Ash, and Clemont by dark. Guess we have to stay for the night." Bonnie said depressengly. "Deeen-nneeee..." Dedenne agreed. As they continued to walk, a beautiful, and cute voice called Bonnie. "Hey Bonnie." "Yes....?" Bonnie asked as she looked around from where the voice was comming from. "It must be coming from straight ahead." Bonnie said as she dected it. As she walks, A horde of Woobat flew past her. Then few seconds later, a huge Bug approached and attacked Bonnie! "SCOLLLIII-!" Cried the big bug Pokemon. "AAAUUUUGGHHH-!" Screamed Bonnie as she was attacked by that Bug Pokemon. "De-ne!" Cried Dedenne. Dedenne retaliates by using Nuzzle on the wild bug Pokemon. The Pokemon gets posined, and Dedenne gets poisned as well thanks to its ability, Posion Point. As the Pokemon tries to attack, a fire type attack comming from nowhere hit the bug Pokemon. The Pokemon fled. The girl that was calling for Bonnie appears with the fox Pokemon, Fennekin! "Bonnie! You okay?" Asked the girl. "Uuuughh...." Bonnie was too weak to respond. The girl picked her up, and took her to the clearing of the forest.
     As they arrived in the clearing of the forest, the girl uses the antidote to cure Dedenne completly. Then she tries on Bonnie next. Then it kinda worked for a bit. "Oh no... The situation is getting worse." The girl decides to get back into the forest with Bonnie's Dedenne to search for the Pecha Berries.
  As the girl and Dedenne were searching, Dedenne spotted something. "Something's worng, Dedenne?" the girl asked. Dedenne jumped off of her shoulder and guided her on what it was spotting on. Then the girl and Dedenne found the pecha berries. "Wow! Thanks Dedenne!" the girl thanked Dedenne. The girl took a few Pecha berries.
    Back out into the clearing, the girl gave Bonnie a few Pecha Berries that she found. Then,.... the posion completly cleared away! "Wow! Who gave me tho-!" Bonnie realized as the girl that gave her the berries was actually Serena! "Wow! Serena thanks!" Bonnie thanked her as she stared into her beautiful blue eyes, and blonde-honey like hair. "Not a problem!" Serena said as a way of saying you're welcome. "Okay. Let's go back to the center!" Serena suggested to Bonnie in a carefree tone. "Sure!" Bonnie agreed. After an agreement,Serena lifted up Bonnie, carrying her with her gentle arms. "I have to carry you to ensure safty! Now, lets get going!" Serena agreed. They both entered.
   As they reaced to the center part of the forest, Serena stopped walking as she looked at Bonnie, falling asleep, blushing happliy. "Bonnie..." Serena said quitely with a gentle smile. Then, she gently hugged Bonnie. "I love you too..." She said softly as Bonnie is asleep confortably. "Serena....I love you..." Bonnie replyed quietly as Serena widened her eyes a bit, feeling a little shocked. Then she went back to her soft expression, sitting down. She finds out that Bonnie was holding the white flower as she lays down.  "Here Serena. For you." Bonnie said "Really?" Serena asked as she blushed. Bonnie nodded. "I found this while I was walking in the forest. Don't worry. I had it in my bag, safely when I was attacked by a huge bug Pokemon." Bonnie mentioned. "Oh! That bug Pokemon you're asking, right?" Serena asked. Bonnie nodded. "As you mentioned the huge bug Pokemon that got you and Dedenne poisoned, it was Scolipede!" Serena mentioned to Bonnie about that huge bug Pokemon that was reveiled to be Scolipede. "But however...." Serena said. "uuuughhaa..." Bonnie sighed softly as she opened her eyes a little. "Serena...." "My Fennekin protected you." Serena mentioned. "Thank you for saving me...." Bonnie said as she closes her eyes. "You're welcome....little sis....." Serena said softly. Serena hugs bonnie again, and stnads herself up as she carries Bonnie in her gentle arms. Then, they both walked to the exit to reach back to the Pokemon Center.
  As Serena and Bonnie reached to their bed at the Pokemon Center, Ash came in for a visit. "Hey Sere-! Wow!" Ash excailmed as his eyes sparkled, and Pikachu smiled. "Yup. Bonnie is my ture sis. She game me a flower, so I put this on my hat." Serena said as she shows her hat to Ash. "AWWWW!!! That was cute!!!" Ash exclaimed. Serena giggled. She puts her hat next to the lamp. "Well then, hope you get some rest." Ash said to Serena. "Okay. Night Ash." Serena said as Ash leaves. Clemont sneaked through. Clemont's jaw dropped and collasped into fainting on the floor as Chespin looks at hom confused. Ash pulls Clemont back to their room, and Ash closes the door.  
  After Serena and Bonnie puts on their night clothes, Serena begans to explain to Bonnie about the flower. "Thank you so much for the flower! It looks super cute on my hat." Serena said to Bonnie "You're Welcome." Then Serena turned off the lamp. "Night-night Serena." Bonnie said softly. "Good Night Bonnie." Serena said softly. Then, they both went to sleep...
Azalee- Search, and Cure
I did this fanfic last night after I played the first part of Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo, is because I felt like doing this.

  This short Fanfiction is about Bonnie who gets lost in the forest, which she was attacked by a Posion-bug Pokemon. Then the girl who saves her and wounds Bonnie from the posion by using a few Pecha berries that she and Dedenne found. That girl was reviled to be Serena.

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Finally got the demo donloaded and played the first part of it. Mega Sceptile rocks hard! He stands sideways in order KO a Sharpedo with a SINGLE Frenzy Plant!
YES!!! Got the code working. But I did not get the game yet, becuase I stopped the donload process due to getting close to bedtime. :/ No worries. I can redonload it at the "Redonload" thing at eshop! :D


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David Mcgonagle
United States
Hello! Fans of Heatena! I'm Pikafan09, and I am actually a boy! I always love Pokémon too!!! XD


And just a reminder that in those cases that I'm not usually here, becuase of school, or that I got a new game. Just to let everyone know that I am somewhat not usually here

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I'm sorry to all of you fans. I have not been on deviant for about a week. Here is the reason why I was not there.
1. Internet router has been F-ing itself up, causing error code screen to pop up.
2. I got my Iphone 6. (Yes. Love the camera quality.) XD

Don't worry. I'll be posting more images, and my fan art of Pokemon, soon.
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