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Serena and Eevee by Pikafan09
Serena and Eevee
I drew this today is because I was bored....

   I still can't get over Serena's sad scene, and Entrence of Serena 2.0! XD

  Hope you guys loved this Fan Art! Make sure to leave a :+fav:, comment, and I'll see you guys next time!

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Serena- A change looks kinda cute! by Pikafan09
Serena- A change looks kinda cute!
I drew this today is becuase I had the nerve of drawing her since I saw Serena come in with her new outfit since I saw, " A Showcase Debut!" this morning! It was fun!! I've been waiting for Serena's new outfit+short hair since Feburary 2015! (Yes, I was like, I know this is going to be on english dub, but it happened like i'd expected it to be! XD)

  Hope you guys like'd this Fan Art! Make sure to leave a :+fav:, comment, and I'll see you guys next time! LATAH!

  Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
It was a peaceful, clear, blue sky day in the Kalos region, on their way towards Laverre City, sights upon Ash's next gym battle, the group decided to stop to have lunch. Clemont, therefore has left the group because he needs to catch up on his gym training after he'd been gone so long since he traveled with Ash.  Serena had the situation ready as she got out the packed lunches form the recently visited Pokémon Center, as well as she, or they know, her made Poke-puffs! "Hey Ash! Bonnie! Time for lunch!!" Cried the short-hair girl with red-blue soft t-shirt, with a blue jean skirt with brown flip-flops. "Yes! Finally! Cried Ash. "Yay! I'm hungry!!" Cried Bonnie.
  'Come out everyone!" Cried Ash as he sends out Frogadier, Fletchinder, and Hawlucha. "Braixen, Pancham, time for lunch!!" Cried Serena as she sends out Braixen, and Pancham. Serena's Eevee joins in with Braixen, and Pancham. "Everyone! It's lunch time!" cried Ash as he gets the Poke-food, ready for the Pokémon.  "Deneneah!" Cried Dedenne.
  "Let's dig in!" Cried Bonnie, as the group ate their sandwiches next to the river, and near the forest. "mmmmm! This tastes so good!" Said Serena, as she loves the sandwich that she picked up. "Wow! That tastes good!" Cried Bonnie "Man! That sandwich  has a good taste on the supper effective side!" Explained Ash. Everyone seemed to love their sandwiches.  Serena then took a sip of her tea.
   After lunch is over, Ash was looking into the forest while Serena cleans up the picnic area that she stetted up. Ash, therefore encountered a green-yellow electric dog that looks like it has a Skateboard on its head. Ash took out the Pokedex, and scanned it. "Electrike. The lighting Pokémon. This Pokémon stores electricity in its fur. It also  stimulates its leg muscles with electric charges which therefore, can give power for the exploded accelerated which its speed is so fast that a human's eyes could barely follow it." Explained dextee as Ash puts his Pokedex away. Electrike snarled, as electricity sparked through his fur for 5 seconds. Ash stared at him in shock. Then Electrike, then ran away fast. "Hey get back here! I wanna catch you!" Cried Ash as he ran after the fast speed running electric-canine Pokémon. Serena then turned to look then she noticed Ash ran off. "Ash, no!" Cried Serena as she pauses her cleaning and she went after him. Bonnie turned to ask Serena what's wrong with her, but she told bonnie to stay at the river while She goes off with her Eevee, and Ash's Pikachu together.  Ash was still running deep in the forest as he tried to catch up with Electrike, as Electrike, jumped over platforms of thick shrubbery. As Serena was trying to catch up to Ash since she wasn't used to be running unless she's happy when she'd got her new dress, and cut her own hair since then. "Ash, be careful! You'll get hurt, and those thick roots are dangerous!" Cried Serena as she became completly exhaused. "I'm going to be fine Serena! You have every confi-" Ash  tried to argue, but he tripped over a huge, thick root before he finished his sentence. Serena then stopped, and cover her mouth with her hands, shocked. Pikachu, and Eevee cried for Ash.
  Serena ran up to Ash, and was finally got next to him. She kneeled over to the injured boy. "Ash, are you all right?" Asked the worried Serena. "uughh.. Yeah, I'm fine." Replied Ash as he got up, but Ash almost feel down again in pain. Serena gasped. "Uuughhh. Sprained my ankle... oh no."  Serena looked at him with her eyes a bit sparkly. She decided to lift Ash up and took him, farther in the forest, where the river stream is flowing. Then, she placed Ash down, and then took of his sock and shoe of his right foot. then it revealed to have a scar on his foot, and a gray circle on his ankle. "Whoa... it looks like my foot has bursted into flames right now." Said the injured Ash.  "Oh no. Your foot looks terrible. Allow me to get the pink cloth for ya, and then, soak it, with water."  Serena told Ash, then she went into her bag, and took out the pink cloth and went into the river, soaking the cloth.
 "Hey Ash..." Said Serena. Ash looked up to Serena. "I remember this back since Porofessor Sycamore's Pokémon Summer Camp when this happened, but compared from now..." Serena mentioned sadly. "Aww Serena! I remember back then! When they called the rescue team and saved us." Ash mentioned. Serena nodded, and turned to look at Ash, with her eyes sparkly. Then she twisted to squeeze out any excess water. Then she walked back to Ash, and gently wrapped it around on his badly injured foot, and petted it gently onto the scar of his injured foot.  "Ash. what Pokémon were you chasing after?" Serena asked as she sat next, and closer to Ash. "I was chasing after an electric type Pokémon called Electrike." Ash answered to Serena. "Wow." Serena replied. "Electrike can run extremely fast when electricity is under kinetic force." Ash mentioned to Serena about Electrike. Serena then smiled about how enthusiastic Ash is when it comes to learning about the Pokemon, what type it is, and what special trai of an ability that a Pokemon can do." "Eeeehhhe-hehehe... Leme.. gets some more water!" Explained Serena as she gently removed the cloth, and went to the river and re-spaked the cloth. "A Pokémon... that is fast, so fast that a human eye could barely follow it." Said Serena to herself. "Serena. Whats the matter."  Ash asked. Then, Serena truned to Ash after she twisted the cloth to squeeze out any excess water. Then, she wrapped it around Ash's injured foot, then petted it gently on the scar. Eevee and Pikachu looked at the two, happily.
  "Your Pokémon always think the same way as you do because they're your Pokémon!" Serena mentioned. "Oh yeah!" I remembered you told me that since we had our first date. Eevee then walked up to Serena then nuzzled her leg three times, then Serena picked her Eevee up and hugged her. "Eevee!" Cried Serena! "Bui-BUUUIIIIEEE!!" Cried Eevee. "You hungry there little fella?" Asked Serena. Then, she went to her bag, gets the Pokepuff, then walked right back to Ash, sat next to him, and then gave her Eevee the Pokepuff, which case Eevee began to eat her Pokepuff. Ash watched her eat the Pokepuff, as he smiled.
 Meanwhile, Bonnie is sitting on a white rock while holding on to her Dedenne. "Is Serena going to okay? I feel  worried..." Bonnie said as she feels scared. "Dene? Deneneneeaaahhh!" Cried Dedenne to cheer her up. Bonnie looks down to Dedenne's face, and saw her smiling. "Hmp! I believe that Serena's going to be fine! Thanks Dedenne!" Bonnie said to Dedenne confidently. "Deneneneah!"
 In the forest...
    "Ash..." Serena said to Ash emotionally. "It's been a while since I nursed you injured foot since I did not have my dream configured, and set up. But now, my dream has been configured thanks to you, and my Pokémon, such as my Braixen, Pancham, and..." Right when Serena finishes her sentence, she rubbed and cuddled up her Eevee. " recently caught Eevee!" Serena finished her sentence. "Yup. My Pokémon has always sets up my dreams. Ever since I started my journey in my home region, my Pokémon were always a big help. " Ash, then looks up in the dark canopy. where rays of sunlight shines through the covering of the leaves. "I've came pretty far since I arrived in the Kalos region.... Serena...." Serena watched him with her eyes so sparkly, that her eyes are beyond beautiful than metallic steel-type Pokémon.  "If I haven't met you since childhood....or came with me for an adventure with me, Clemont, and Bonnie.... Then.... I would not have won half of the league badges of the Kalos Region!!" Ash said emotionally to Serena. "..a.....Aaaash..." Serena sighed happily, and her eyes are half-way shut, making the sparkles even beyond beautiful than shiny Pokémon.  Then her head touched his right shoulder, and gently nuzzles it.  Eevee falls asleep on Serena's stomach, as though, being held onto Serena comfortably by her soft blue, and red t-shirt.
  "Ash...." Serena said. "Bonnie's starting to get worried. Let's get back out to clearing where Bonnie is. Don't worry, we'll find a cabin for you to have some injuries taken care of. I'm sorry that the pain won't go away...   Here, I'll help you up if you don't mind?" Serena asked. "Yeah, sure...." Ash answered emotionally. "Great! Thanks." Serena replied as she put her arms under Ash's she lifted hm with all of her might as well as Ash who got back up with one foot standing up. "Shall we?" Serena asked. "Okay!" Ash agreed.  Serena walked back to the riverside where Bonnie is, with Ash hobbling along beside her, blushing about what emotion he is feeling for Serena.
-TBC on Chapter II
Amour- A trip, at a right movement I
  Whutz up everyone, Pikafan09 here, and today, I completed, Chapter 1 of Amour- A Trip at a right movement! If you want to know what Serena's wearing, click the link down below!

 :iconimagine-a-frenzy: has inspired me to make this fanfic, but with chapters. This chapter is like a spinn-off from " Day Three Blockbuster!", and :iconimagine-a-frenzy:'s fanfic, " A stumble in the right direction ".

  Hope you guys enjoyed this fanfic. Make sure to leave a :+fav:, comment, and I'll see you guys next time! LATAH!

  Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Serena's outfit for my fanfic by Pikafan09
Serena's outfit for my fanfic
Whuutz up Everyone, Pikafan09 here, and today, I show, my outfit fir Serena 2.0 for this coming-in fanfic!

  Serena 2.0, in my fanfic that I'm about to post after this shows that she wears a soft Blue T-shirt with red color on the shoulder part of the T-shirt, and has the head of a Victini, as an image of her T-shirt. She wears a Blue-jean skirt, and she wears brown flip-flops.

  Ash, and Bonnie wear the same outfits for their adventure as well. (Like Serena changes outfits alot for temporary stuff, while Ash stays the same!)

  Hope you guys enjoyed this Fan Art! Make sure to leave a :+fav:, comment, and I'll see you guys next time!

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International).
Morning Routine by Pikafan09
Morning Routine
Whutz up everyone, Pikafan09 here, and I bring you, another Serena 2.0 Fan Art!

  This picture shows Serena brushing her hair while her Braixen holds Serena's cup if coffee, while Pikachu in the background is yawning and stretching.

  Hope you enjoyed this Fan Art! Make sure to leave a :+fav:, comment, and I'll see you guys next time! LATAH!

  Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)


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United States
Hello! Fans of Heatena! I'm Pikafan09, and I am actually a boy! I always love Pokémon too!!! XD


And just a reminder that in those cases that I'm not usually here, becuase of school, or that I got a new game. Just to let everyone know that I am somewhat not usually here

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What Pokemon Are You?
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What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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I just saw the whole Japanese episode of Mega Evolution III, and by arceus... my legs began to SHIVER!!!

Emote Serena Happy tears XY Pikachu crying

  So far, it was about Primal Groudon, and Primal Kyogre, fighting in the oceanside of Rustboro City. Alain, Steven, came to stop the fight, but Marin sunck in after Alian scolded her not to follow. Marin was left with tears. Then Marin was looking out the window and saw Primal Groudon, walking to make his hot-boat row. Then, Primal Kyogre blocks Groudon from walking, and both begin to go out of control, fighting like WWE sunny boys! (Nah just kiddin)

   As soon as Kyogre creates a frozen contenent, Charizard got MOLLYWHOPPED by Primal Groudon's Precipice Blades!!!!
  O.K., Charizard did not make it during the fight. Becuase you know, Charizard almost lost to Mega Rayquaza, and now, HE LOST AGAIN!! Becuase let me tell you, Primal Groudon is not meant to be F:iconcensoredplz:ed with. Then, as Alian became uncatious from the attack, Marin saved him by putting him a cave-like ice hubble. Then, Steven's Metagross came to save Alain, and Marin from the Primal Pokemon's attacks. Then Chespie used vine whip to protect the ice shards from landing. But then, as the light in center explodes.... Mega Rayquaza appears! Yup! Mega Rayquaza. Mega Rayquaza then, finished the Primal Pokemon off, and blast them away. Alain wakes up after Primal Groudon, and Primal Kyogre gets defeated by Mega Rayquaza. Just then, a mysterious submarine came and took the stone that was showing light during Primal Pokemon's fight, and something that reflects with Mega Rayquaza. After it gets taken, Rayquaza leaves, and goes back to his normal form.

 During the end, the best moment... Marin began to cry, and hug Alain. Alain smiled.

  But here is my question...
Where is Marin going? She's on the plane during the end of Mega Evolution III, and that question gets me to this..
Where is Alain and Marin going? Are their going separately?

  Hope you like'd this review. Make sure to leave a :+fav:, comment, and I'll see you guys next time! Latah!

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