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YES!!! Got the code working. But I did not get the game yet, becuase I stopped the donload process due to getting close to bedtime. :/ No worries. I can redonload it at the "Redonload" thing at eshop! :D
Serena- You're so kind Ash... by Pikafan09
Serena- You're so kind Ash...
I drew this is becuase I felt like drawing this. (HEY, ORAS DEMO CODE IS NOT WORKING AUUGGGHHH!!!)

   This picture is about Ash wearing his sharp clothing and a hat, holding Serena. Ash thinks of how Serena looks in that kind of dress, and her hairstyle. Serena hugs Ash for the kindness.

 Serena's dress is from the new XY Ending: DreaDrea

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire demo code is not showing up!!! WHY?!?!
It was a warm day at the Pokemon Summer Camp... A common occasion that rarely happens in the costal portion of the Kalos region.

 Right there, we see Serena, looking through the ocean, thinking of how much Ash, and Serena taught since day three, where they won the PokeVision sector....
   And Ash on the beach, is training his Pokemon, getting ready for the Shalor City Gym. Serena watches him train. "Hawlucha! Flying Press!" Commanded Ash, as Hawlucha, jumps up in the air with the squiggly-white arua glowing around its body, then crashes to the rock, which causes the rock to smash to rubbles. "Way to go! Now, lets do the Super-Flying Cut!" Ash commanded to Froakie and Hawlucha. They both agreed. "Ash.....keep up your good work." Serena said telepathy. Then she looked down to her knees wondering what her dream is going to be. As Ash gets ready for another tecnique, he turns his head to see how's Serena's feeling. Then Ash stopped his training as Froakie and Hawlucha froze, and go to their normal position as Ash calls out training for a moment. "Serena...." Ash said worridly. "What's worng....?" Ash asked calmly as Serena looks at her knees with depression, and the looks on her face that she is wondering. "I was wondering about my dream....." Serena said. "Oh.....! Like what you were wondering before yesterday while you were healing my foot!" Ash said as he remebers. "Yeah,... but said I've got alot of time to think carefully about my dream." Serena said. "Ooooh! Yeah. That's important! What you wished for is something you keep for life! Like say, you don't kida like being a Rhyhorn racing, but rode a Rhyhorn real WELL!" Ash exclaimed. "Yeah, but..... I wanted to be a Pokemon Perfromer, but.... I have to take my time thinking about this, carefully."  Serena said. "Awww. nice idea to have to take your time so you won't end up being in the rough spot." Ash exclaimed. "Ash and Pikachu...." Serena said in her telepathy, "Serena?" Ash asked Serena.  "oaf...Ash?" Serena answered. "Want to watch me train, then we can go out for a walk?" Ash asked Serena for a suggestion. "Uuuhhh...Yeah, sure!" Serena Agreed.
 Then, Ash and Serena went to the area where Ash was training so he began training his Froakie and Halucha to perform that, "Super Flying Cut" to use at the Shalor City Gym battle.
Amour- Serena's dream decision
I did this short fanfic last night is because I felt like doing a short fanfic. :)

  This fanfic is defiantly about Serena thinking about her dreams carefully.

 Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)


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David Mcgonagle
United States
Hello! Fans of Heatena! I'm Pikafan09, and I am actually a boy! I always love Pokémon too!!! XD


And just a reminder that in those cases that I'm not usually here, becuase of school, or that I got a new game. Just to let everyone know that I am somewhat not usually here

Stay Strong Stamp by ShadowStarEXE


X-AgencyShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3sistePokemon Emerald Stamp by laprasking :thumb217384759: VOCALOID stamp by Demire PMD Explorers of sky by PharaonenfuchsPOKEMON BLACK AND WHITE 2 STAMP! by daisykart:thumb296081294::thumb296081391:Pokemon White 2 Stamp by Mayu-HikaruPokemon Black 2 Stamp by Mayu-HikaruStamp: POKEMON BLACK WHITE 2 by SitraxisVictini stamp by salanchuVisorShipping Stamp by Pure-ResonanceBlack Kyurem Stamp by Pikafan09Pokemon Black 2 Stamp by Torotix:thumb251021050:Pearlshipping Stamp by Katsu14Serena icon by BubblyHiKaRi24Azaleeshipping stamp by Psychokid999AmourShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps

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What Pokemon Are You?
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What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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I'm sorry to all of you fans. I have not been on deviant for about a week. Here is the reason why I was not there.
1. Internet router has been F-ing itself up, causing error code screen to pop up.
2. I got my Iphone 6. (Yes. Love the camera quality.) XD

Don't worry. I'll be posting more images, and my fan art of Pokemon, soon.
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