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It was a pleasant morning in the Laverre City, where Ash, Serena, and Bonnie are walking in the park on the left side of the city, "The Laverre national park".
  "Hey Serena, are you feeling good?" Ash asked "I'm feeling fine! And you by the way?" Serena asked. "Me? I'm kinda feeling entergetic about my incoming gym battle with Valerie! She specializes on fairy type Pokemon like what you saw when she sent you to the fashion show stage!" Ash explained to Serena. "Eeeheheheheee...mmmmmm!" Serena giggled, and therefore, blushed. "There she goes again, with that cute look on her face!" Bonnie replied. "De-ne-na-neeaahh!!" Dedenne replied.
  Just as they walked, Bonnie trips over a blue Pokemon. "Oh Bonnie! Are you allright?" Serena asked in a worried tone. "Pip-lup! Piiiip-lluuupp!" Piplup cried to an apology. "Oooh! Jeezee, My head hurts..." Bonnie said in pain. Serena picks Bonnie up and holds her with her arms. "As soon as we get back to the hotel, I'll nurse your head." Serena said. "Ooooh, Serena...." Bonnie said happily. While Ash was just about to ask who's Piplup was that, but just then, a voice came out of nowhere that Ash recongizes. As the group looked up, the Blue pony-tailed girl returns, which its none, than-another, Dawn!  "Dawn! Long time no see!" Ash exclaimed! "Hey Ash! How it's been since we last met?" Dawn asked excitely. "Its been going grea-" Ash answers, but just then as Dawn turns to look, she notices that Serena's hair, and clothes changed. "Woooow!!! ♥" Dawn just then, her eyes sparkle, then she puts her hands on her shoulders, fan girl squealing against of how cute she looks. "Eeehehehe.. Thank you D-Dawn! I really love how loved my appearence since we first met in a city..." Serena said to Dawn. "Oh yeah! That is when..." Then Dawn flashbacks the time when Serena met Dawn, and been together when they saw Ash won the Rhyhorn race, and Dawn feeling ill in bed, but Serena cried when Ash has to go out again.  "Oh yeah! I still carry that memory! The memory when I was feeling ill." Dawn mentioned. "That's correct! I was crying when you're feeling bad! Because I feel worried for you!" Serena said.
 Back in the hotel...

 Serena was nursing Bonnie's head, with Dawn next to her. "So, Bonnie is Clemont's younger sister, right?" Dawn asked Serena. "Yup! That is, his yonger sister. I am currently taking care of her as of now, due to the fact, that he is not traveling with us anymore because he has to raise his own gym now. And I heard he's doing great!" Serena explained to Dawn. ""Wow! And by the way, I've saw you on the Coummarine City's Pokemon Showcase, and I feel bad that you lost." Dawn mentioned to Serena. "Yeah. That's because I messed up so bad. Then the next morning on the dock, I ended up crying like a waterfall...." Serena mentioned to Dawn sadly. "Awww! Were you okay in the docking? I feel that you were sobbing so loudly." Serena, then nods. "After Fennekin and Pancham gave me a hug to confort me, I decided to cut my hair short, and change my clothes, which you me look in that short hair, and new clothes right now." Serena mentiones to Dawn. "Wow! So that's the reason why you're diffrent compared to where we first met." Dawn asked to be sure. "Mmmm-hmmm." Serena nods. "Piplup!" Piplup agress. "And hey Serena, can I tell you something else?" Dawn asked. "W-what is it Dawn?" Serena asked. "I've heard, in Laverre City, there holding a Pokemon Volleyball Competion. A competion where a trainer and Pokemon hit the ball together. Its just like Pokemon Ping-pong competion." Dawn mentioned to Serena. "Pokemon Volleyball tournament?" Serena asked. Dawn nods. "I'll tell you more about that later on since your nursing Bonnie's head." Dawn suggested to Serena. "Okay!" Serena agrees.
 At the hotel's outdoor battlefeild...

 Serena throws out her three Pokeballs. She sends out Braixen, the fox Pokemon, Pancham, the playful Panda Pokemon, and lastly, the Ribbonlike Pokemon, Sylveon!
 "Wow! You've caught two Pokemon since we left? Remarkable!" Dawn exclaimed happliy. Serena nods. "And what I notice..." Dawn takes out her Pokedex. "Braixen, the fox Pokemon, and the evolved form of Fennekin. With its twig, plucked on its tail, friction sets the twig alight. The flame is used to send signals to its allies." The Dextee finishes her sentence, and puts her Pokedex away. Your Fennekin has evolved into Braixen!" Dawn explains while noticing something has changed with Fennekin, "Brai... Brai..zen!" Braixen greeted to Dawn with her hands open for her. Dawn puts her hands on Braixen's hands. "Long time no see!" She says to Braixen since they haven't met in a long time. "Brai....zen! zen!" Braixen replied. just then when they both let their hands go, Piplup looked at Braixen as Braixen turned her head to see who was coming from behind. "Xen!" Braixen said hi to Piplup. "Pi....PIIIIP-LUP! Pip! lup! Piiiiii~" Hearts pops on Piplup's eyes. "Whats up with Piplup?" Serena asked. "Oooh... Piplup loves finding pretty ladies out there." Dawn said as she puts her hand behind her head. "Piplup..Piplup...piiiplup..!!" Piplup came walking up to Braixen nervously. "Zen? Braiii!" Braixen greeted as she picks piplup up and hugs him. Piplup felt comfortable. "Pip-luuup!" Piplup said as he became infatuated by the pretty looks of Braixen. "There went with Piplup." Dawn said. "Yup! As notably, Braixen is pretty! I love her so much though." Serena replied.

At the Poke Bouquet..

 Serena and Dawn went clothes shopping together, with Piplup, Braixen, and Sylveon together. "Hey Serena, how does that look on me?" Dawn showed Serena the outfit she's wearing. She wears the Volleyball jersey shirt that has a head-image of Piplup on there, blue shorts, and white-blue shoes. "Wow! Those look awesome! You'll be amazing when I wear my own Volleyball jersey!" Serena replied excitedly. "Okay!"
 three minutes later...
Serena came out of the fitting room, and Dawn looks and her eyes widen, along with Piplup, who's eyes became the shape of hearts. *Cobalion's theme from Pokemon Rumble Blast plays*
 Serena is wearing a Pink volleyball jersey shirt with white stripes on it, and a white collar on it, and wearing pink shorts, and she's also wearing black kneepads, with pink outline, and arm pads with pink outlines as well. She is also wearing white tennis shoes with yellow on the bottom of her shoe, and Pink design on the shoe, with pink laces. "How do I look?" Serena asked Dawn as she spins around with her arms wide open. "Whoooah! You're beautiful, and adorable Serena!" Dawn replied, blushing. "Piiiiiipllllup!" Piplup was blushing. Braixen looked at Piplup a but jealous to her. " Okay Serena, now were set for tomorrow!" Dawn said with all of her excitement. "Okay! I'm on!" Serena said with all of her sprightliness of excitement building.

 And so, tomorrows the big day for Dawn and Serena to compete in a Pokemon Volleball Tournament! What surprises will Dawn, and Serena might encounter? Find out, on the next chapter!
Serena V.S Dawn ch.1 Reunion
Whuutz up everyone, Pikafan09 here, and I bring you, a fanfic this time sinces its been a while that I made a fanfic series since, "Pokemon ORAS: Genesect and the mysterious ring.", I decided to do another fanfic. Hopefully i should remeber to make more chapters of them, so I hope you loved reading the whole chaper, and I'll be working on Chapter 2 shortly. So See yah!

    Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokémon Company International)
Serena V.S. Dawn! Volley Ball Match!! by Pikafan09
Serena V.S. Dawn! Volley Ball Match!!
 For AnimeNascarFan52248, as a scondary request that I answered since asking for request.


  :iconserenaxyplz::iconsaysplz: This picture is about me, and my partner, Sylveon, who I challenged Dawn to a Volleyball match! This was a nerve-racking match since we've first met in a town, but now... as rivals...its nerve racking for me...
  :iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: And for going off topic for a second, Dawn has Sylveon, right? For those of you asking, "Where's Dawn's Sylveon?" I'll answer! Dawn's Sylveon is on the bleacher stands, cheering for Dawn, with Pachirisu, and Piplup. (And Braixen, Pancham, and Victini are cheering me on.)
   :iconserenaxygamefaceplz::iconsaysplz: The volleyball match is going to get Serious? Is Dawn going to win... Or I... am going to be able to win against her? You decide!

   :iconpikafan09::iconsaysplz: Should I make a fanfic out of this? Leave comments down below!
  :iconserenaxyblushplz: If you loved this Fan art, then don't hesitate to leave a :+fav:, and comment!
:iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: Pokémon Belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokémon Company International)
Request for AnimeNascarFan52248 by Pikafan09
Request for AnimeNascarFan52248
For AnimeNascarFan52248.
Its Serena in her Vollyball clothes with her Sylveon, and Pancham.
Hope you like'd it!

  :iconpikafan09::iconsaysplz: Okay Serena, you'll get to read out the credit info!
  :iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: Okay!
  :iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokémon Company International)
Serena- Oooh, Sylveon... by Pikafan09
Serena- Oooh, Sylveon...
:iconserenaxyplz::iconsaysplz: ♪ Hiiiii! ♪ Serena Here! And today, I bring you, another Fan art, made my Mr.Pikafan09!
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Syyylllveon!

:iconserenaxyplz::iconsaysplz: This picture is about me after winning the sccoer game final round against Dawn. I mananged to win this is because I linked hearts with Sylveon after a moment of healing my leg up after she landed the ball into the golly all by herself as my coverup when my leg began to hurt after I tripped over as the ball crashed into my leg. That was remarkable!
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Sylve. Syyylleee-ooon. *As saying "Oh yes I did."*
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Oooh Sylveon. *Hic*
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz:Veon! Vvvvveeeoooonnnn! *Runs up and gives Serena a hug.*
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Awwwwwww....Sy-ylve-o-on. *Hic* *hic*
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: If you loved this fan art, then don"t he-esi-i-t-tate to leave a :+fav:, and,..a-...comment...*hic* *Hic*
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Veeooon. Veon, veon, veeeooonnn... *Saying "There. No need to cry."
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Awww. Sylveon thanks for cheering me up, but I'm crying happy is becuase you evolved from Eevee....*Hic* *Wipes tears away from her eyes.*
:iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: Thanks Sylveon!
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Veon! Vvvvveeeeoooonnn!
:iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokémon Company International)
OMG!! OMG!! Eevee Evolved! by Pikafan09
OMG!! OMG!! Eevee Evolved!
:iconserenaxyplz::iconsaysplz: ♪Hiiiii!♪ Serena here! And today, I have another fan art made by Mr.Pikafan09! And this time, in his universe, where I am with Ash, and Bonnie, something big has happened to my Eevee!

  :iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz: After our rigorous training for our next Pokémon Showcase, my Eevee was shivering. Her body grew heavy, then all the sudden,... Her whole body began to flash bright white, like brighter than the sun, which Eevee than, undergo the shape of change, which its called, "Evolution". (This happened with my Fennekin before, which I cried happy after Aria explained me about how Pokémon evolve, and grow close to me.)

  pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz:Sylveon! Syyyyllvveeeeoooonnn!! *Wraps her ribbon like feelers around Serena.*
  :iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Awww! Now with your newly gained feelers, you can hug my arm, finally!
   pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Vvvveeeeeooonnn!
  :iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz:...*Hic*....*Hic*...Oh Sylveon....

:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz:...*hic*....If....if you loved this fan art....*hic*...*hic*... *Starts her sentence while sobbing happily* then don't hesitate to leave a :+fav:, and comment! 
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Vvvvveon... Veeeoooooon...* Starts petting her on the back*
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Y-yes S-s-sylve-veon?
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Veeoonveeonveooooon....*Saying "No need to cry"*
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Ooooh Sylveon..... Can I give you a hug?
pokemon gif sylveon :iconsaysplz: Veon! Veoooonveee!
:iconserenaxyhappycryplz::iconsaysplz: Awwwwww Sylveon! *Starts hugging her.*
 :iconserenaxyblushplz::iconsaysplz:Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokémon Company International)


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Hello! Fans of Heatena! I'm Pikafan09, and I am actually a boy! I always love Pokémon too!!! XD


And just a reminder that in those cases that I'm not usually here, becuase of school, or that I got a new game. Just to let everyone know that I am somewhat not usually here

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This just in! I just flipped out! I was expecting for Pokemon delta Z, but noope, I flipped out. I just flipped out. I have been waiting for another mystery dungeon game since we've never had it for two straight years!

So, what do you think about the new game? Leave comment about your feelings about the newly announced Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon!

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