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Ash- Serena! I Won!! by Pikafan09
Ash- Serena! I Won!!
I drew this today is becuase I felt like drawing an AmourShipping picture. XD

 This picture is about when Ash won the Commarine City Gym. (Spoiler: It is from the recently aired Pokemon XY Episode where Ash challenges Ramos to a gym battle, and ends up wining.)

  Oh boy, the date episode of Ash, and Serena is up next in Japan!!! Ohhh man, I know its going to be released English dubbed soon...
Pikachu want it

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Serena's new dawn by Pikafan09
Serena's new dawn
I drew this last night is because I felt like drawing Serena, and been inspired to draw her soccer clothing. (CM: AnimeNascarFan52248 ~ May and Serena)

  This picture is about after Serena was overwhelmed by the intensity of the soccer game, which she has never played before. She did well though. After a Shiny Eevee came towards her, which she felt the nuzzle on her ankle. She sat down, which Eevee laid down on her lap with its upper stomach, and front arms. Then, Serena gently petted, and messaged Eevee. Other wild Pokemon, including her Fennekin, came, and watched her, with their smiles on their faces.

  Hope you guys like'd it!

  Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Gift to Sofihtf by Pikafan09
Gift to Sofihtf
I decided to draw this is because :iconsofihtf: has inspired me to draw her O.C. (Don't worry, I credit you for your O.C., Sofihtf! PMD Pikachu Icon 12 )f

 This picture is about my Player Character from Pokemon Y, nammed David, gave Sofia the rose. She was happy about it! XD

   I hope you enjoyed it!

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRkikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)

Sofia belongs to :iconsofihtf:
Serena stretches by Pikafan09
Serena stretches
I drew this on the night of 1/23/2015, is because I felt like drawing Serena, steching out. XD

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Last time, Brendan and Pika has encountered the mythical Pokémon Genesect, and was introduced by Steven! The, the mysterious Ruffians were spying over Genesect. What plains could those mysterious people have in store? Find out as we go through today's adventure!
  As Brendan and Pika walked out of the hotel. Going to do something with the poor Genesect, whom is walking aside of them. Then suddenly... a sudden woosh came out of nowhere. "What was that?" Asked Brendan as he looks around to tell where is it heading. then the shadow that made a whoosh, reappeared and snagged Genesect!  Brenden turned and saw that Genesect disappeared!  "Genesect!" Cried Brendan. "Hehehehee...." uttered a sound that came out of nowhere. "..what was that.." Brendan asked as he turned to see who did it, but he couldn't see it until the three shadows pop out right in front of him!  "Heloo, hello!" Cried the mysterious person. "Did you fall for that trap, eh?" said the other mysterious Person." "Who are you three anyway?" Asked Brendan. "As you say, count foward! Grunt 1!" cried Grunt 1. "Grunt 2!" Cried Grunt 2. "And last, but not least, Grunt 3!" Cried Grunt 3! "We've snagged the mythical Pokemon Genesect, who was made from the evil organization of Unova's disbanded Team Plasma.." Mentioned Grunt 3. "But now it has finally arrived here, in the Hoenn region, we came to take it to our main captian!" Mentioned Grunt 1. "....What..?! You can do this to the poor mythical Pokemon!" Cried Brendan. "Piiikaaaa!!!" Snarled Pika as electricity flows through his cheeks. "Well then, you can have the mythical Pokémon back if you want, IF,... You defeat the three of us in battle!"  Offered Grunt 1. "I'm up for it!" Agreed Brendan as he accpets the challenge. "Pika! Pika-Pika!" Pika agreed.
  As the battle began, Grunt 3 sends out Mightyena, while Brendan sends out Mizu, the Azumarill to start the battle. Azumarill defeats Mightyena with Play Rough. Then, Brendan challenges Grunt 2, as he first sends out Mightyena, then comes the Sharpedo, where both Got knocked out by Mizu's Play Rough. Then finally Grunt 1 challenges Brendan, but Grunt 1's Mightyena, and Sharpedo both got knocked out by Mizu. "Great job Mizu!" Said Brendan as he puts Mizu back in her Pokeball. "Crobat, demonstrate' em!" Cried Grunt 1 as he sends out the purple bat, with four wings. "Go, Bianca!" Brendan, cried as he sends out the red jet-like legendary Pokemon, Latias! Grunt 1's jaw dropped, due to his reaction against a trainer using a legendary Pokemon in battle!  "Use Psyshock!" Cried Brendan as Bianca, unleashes black energy balls, and ssurrounds Crobat, which lands directly to Crobat, which one-shotted Crobat. "Return, Crobat!" Cried grunt 1. "We did it Bianca!" Cried Brendan as he rushes to Bianca, which ended up bracing to a hug to each other. "Kyyaaasss!" Cried Latias. "Okay grunts! Depart!" Cried Grunt 1. "Roger!" Commanded Grunt 2, and 3. The Ruffian trio left.  Genesect was left wondering in front of Brendan, Pika, and Bianca.
 Meanwhile, at the Space Center....
   Steven receives a call from Wallace from his Holo caster. "Sup Wallace. Any news?" Asked Steven. "Yes. This is critical!" Said Wallace. "What?" Said Steven in shock. "It's true. The three Rufians are after the Mythical Pokemon Genesect!" Wallace explained. "Those Assassins..." Said Steven to himself. He was wandering what are those three are trying to do with that mythical Pokemon.
  Meanwhile, at the Mysterious HQ...
 "Hey Captain!" called Grunt 3. The Captain picks up. "Yes. Any news." Asked the Captain.  "We've discovered a boy, who has a Pikachu, Azumarill, and Latias." Explained Grunt 2. "Then he wiped us out." Explained Grunt 3. "Please forgive us..." Asked Grunt 1. ".... I'll give it to you once. Now, go plain for tomorrow!" Commanded the Captain. "Yes Sir!" Cried the three Ruffians, and the call gets cut off. "While I have to do something with that boy, who saved the Genesect." Said the Captain himself.
After saving Genesect from these three mysterious Ruffians, what would Brendan, and Pika would do with Genesect? Will they find a way to take it back to its home? And for the Captian... what secrets would he hold up against the boy,..and his Pikachu? Find out, on the next chapter!
-To be Continued.
Pokemon ORAS Fanifc chapter 2
  Excuse me. I had kinda rushed, is because I made chapter 2 last week, and for some reason that I thought that I saved it somewhere, but I think I did not saved it, though )-:

   Okay, this chapter we covered so far...

-Brendan and Pika encounters the Ruffian trio.
-Brendan battle the trio, and won
-The Captain had a secret, regarding with the boy, and his Pikachu.

  What obnoxious plains could the Captain, and the Ruffians have, regarding with the Mythical Pokemon Genesect...? Find out as we go through!

   Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures.Inc, Viz Media, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JRKikaku, and TPCi (The Pokemon Company International)
Warning: Sharpedo, Mightyena, and the Pokemon the Seres: Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire logo do not belong to me! They belong to their respective owner!


Pikafan09's Profile Picture
David Mcgonagle
United States
Hello! Fans of Heatena! I'm Pikafan09, and I am actually a boy! I always love Pokémon too!!! XD


And just a reminder that in those cases that I'm not usually here, becuase of school, or that I got a new game. Just to let everyone know that I am somewhat not usually here

Stay Strong Stamp by ShadowStarEXE


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What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What's up everyone, Pikafan09 here, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope many of you are having a great New Year, much as I do. And don't forget to check out my battles at Pokemon Showdown Beta!………

  If you do not know what it is, its a battle simulator where you battle with people online. You can also create your team, and you can pick a Pokemon, and choose what moves, and EV's does it need tho. Best recommendation for making a perfect battling Pokemon, weather its an all-out attacker, of a tank, vista the XY Pokedex on Smogon! I joined like last week or weekend after Christmas, is because I want to test my skills for my Wifi battling that I have on my 3DS. But the simulator is kinda better, and advanced. :/ 

  Well, what I'm doing right now is drawing an AmourShipping picture that promotes of our arrival of 2015. Stay tunned to my page if you want to see it!

 and nothing else left, but guys, have a great New Years day!

  • Listening to: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sky- Blizzard Island
  • Reading: The 39 Clues
  • Playing: Pokemon Showdown Beta
  • Eating: Scrambled eggs
  • Drinking: Water

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